You are Looking to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor…Right?

It’s easy…All you need to do is find the sellers, contact a bank for funding, make offers, hire contractors to handle the repairs, market and sell the home.

Wait…that’s not so easy.

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All the pieces are a little overwhelming, ok maybe a LOT overwhelming. What are all the pieces again?

Real Estate is best-learned hands on. You need to spend some time looking at properties, going over the repairs and costs, getting to know area property values.  Learn the best way to market and show the property to sell.

This knowledge takes time to acquire and a mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. That is money that most people, or investors have to just throw away.  Most investors don’t have years, months, days or hours upon hours of time to put toward learning how to invest in Real Estate.

So what can you do?  Real estate works best with leverage. You can leverage other people’s money, other people’s time and other people’s knowledge.

Finding a local real estate coach and mentor is the best move you can make to become a serious Real Estate investor.

Are you struggling to find funding for your deals? Does trying to find honest contractors seem like a huge undertaking? Confused on how to structure a win-win deal?


Coaching REI is your local Real Estate coaching partner

for success in Appleton, the Fox Cities and Tampa Bay. 

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As a part of our local coaching program, you are given access to contracts, scripts, contractors, funding, and marketing sources we use on a daily basis. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Never asked people for money before, you still don’t have to. Our private money sources will work with you as part of our program. We will get you the money needed to succeed.

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We are your support system 24/7.  We are available at all hours to help you move through any learning curves on your way to a successful real estate investing business.

All the great professional teams have great coaches. Local coaches know the area, have worked with the people and can share what works and what doesn’t…Locally!

We have lived and worked in Appleton and the Fox Cities for over 8 years now and stay updated on what’s working in our area. We continue to do deals along side you, practicing what we coach.


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You may start out with self-education, which shows a willingness to learn.  Through Coaching REI, you will learn how Real Estate investing actually works. Get your hands dirty learning the ropes, putting the systems to work for you.

Most people fail without help.  Let us show you how to invest the right way and help keep you on track for real estate investing success through coaching.


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Not a National Guru That Will Leave You High and Dry

We do what we say we are going to do and more…period.

If you want to learn real estate, we will teach you.  We are not going to come over for the weekend and show you some big money deals, give you a binder on “how it works”, and call you once a month, if you’re lucky.

We work with you on a daily basis to show you what works locally.  Our program is a coaching program, meaning we are right beside you as you learn, pushing you to do your best and helping you reach your goals.

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Coaching REI has knowledge for you to leverage. With 15 combined years of experience from the Coaching REI team, working locally in the Fox Valley area, and in and around Tampa Bay,  on the types of deals you want to invest in, you leverage our coaching team’s time and experience toward your success.

They like you, were coached and mentored by successful investors.  Not only are you leveraging the Coaching REI team’s experience but also the information from their mentors.  Their resource list is vast and are acquiring more business partners with every deal they do, more contractors, more lenders, and all of this means more help for you.  If you are serious about learning how to be a real estate investor, you need to be serious about a coaching program.

Good coaches can help you in a number of ways and here are just a few of the qualities you should look for:

  • Someone who actually invests in Real Estate either as a landlord, flipper, builder or agent: first-hand knowledge is not only important, it is necessary.   Why ask someone who has never looked at real estate from a business standpoint to coach you?

  • They have a portfolio of deals that they could talk to you about and explain the projects, even if it’s 1 or 2…they take action.  They have overcome their fears and know what it takes to be successful, they can teach you to be successful.

  • Do they have the time to help you out?  If you need more assistance, will they be there for you?

  • They are respected by their students and in local Real Estate Investment groups.

  • Coaches want you to do well and succeed, possibly even more than you do.

  • For more qualities to look for in a real estate coach and to learn more about our coaches and program here.

To hear from our students about us and our coaching program, click here.


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