You’ll learn…

1. How to qualify potential buyers of your property before you waste time driving out and showing them what you have for sale.

2. How to automatically convince Sellers to agree to your purchase terms… and do it before you meet them. How to increase your credibility and impress the Seller with your knowledge and ability so they will be more willing to accept your deal.

3. The gold mine of foreclosures. The painless way to buy property substantially below market value.

4. Tempting zero down techniques that can get you thrown in jail. Many lenders will do these illegal things. Don’t touch them with a ten-foot pole… the money is just not worth the risk. Some of you have already done these and may not even know it.

5. Writing offers that get a Seller’s attention. How to get every offer you write accepted on your terms and at your price. Learn the art to writing a credible acceptable offer.

6. How to simplify everything you do so that it takes you half the time… no more working nights and weekends… that’s over for you!

7. How to generate an endless stream of quality investment properties… without doing any of the day-to-day work yourself. This secret alone is easily worth six figures a year to you.

8. How to use the most powerful investment and marketing tools around to make your income soar to new record heights.

9. Gaining control of negotiation and “turning” every objection into a “Yes”… and eventually a contract signing.

10. Using step-by-step procedures to guarantee that every deal you write closes… without last minute headaches and delays.

11. Pre-selling your properties. Never talked about… but critically important.

12. Formulating step-by-step marketing systems that work to help you find and sell property… even when you aren’t working.

13. Going from fearful to fearless in everything you do.

14. Following a proven plan that enables you to bypass severe pitfalls and mistakes. Those who go it alone risk losing everything – It happened to me… ask me about it sometime over dinner (you buy – it’s a painful story 🙂

15. Daily activities that create your dreams one step at a time.

16. Fixer-upper profits can be huge if you make the right improvements. The seven biggest money making repairs you can do to a home.

17. You don’t make money until the sale closes – how to make sure every sale closes with a minimum of costs and worry. Systematize your closing procedures so that it goes like clockwork every time.


Learn From Me And Then Come And  Partner With Me

You Can Make Real Estate Investments That Are Extremely Profitable, Using Our Powerful Online Coaching And Business Mentoring!

Over the next 12 months, you will learn how:

> To quit your job AND increase your monthly income!
> Pay off all your debts – even your home mortgage!
> Work from your home and spend more time with your family!
> Purchase properties with no money down!
> Put your kids through college with easy to manage real estate investments.
> Purchase properties even if you have bad credit!
> Own a million dollars in real estate in less than a year!
> Sell your properties without the expense of a real estate agent!
> Turn your business into a system that makes money over and over again!

And no… It’s NOT going to cost you an arm and leg to test my powerful real estate business training!

Instead, I’ve created an incredible real estate investment training program that will take you through the process, step-by-step for your first TWELVE MONTHS in business. My system will show you how to create the business and life you’ve always wanted…. and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home, at *your* own pace.

You can finally stop watching those late-night “Real Estate RICHES” Infomercials, or reading those “How-To-Buy-A-Ton-Of-Real Estate” books, or listening to endless hours of “Experts” on tape… or even chasing after stupid “Gimmicks”… that really have no chance of working in real life… where you and I work every day.

My private system for real estate success is designed specifically for those investors who are tired of being ripped-off, misled and manipulated by con artists and “traveling salesmen”… who push products not results.

My amazing but true story!

I used the critical inside information that was revealed to me by multi-million dollar real estate investors… and super-successful entrepreneurs and businessmen with net worths up to 125 Million Dollars… to go from dead broke… with no money… no experience… no credit… no knowledge… to buying over 7 Million Dollars in real estate in our first three years in the business!

Now if I can use this powerful information to accomplish these feats (being “the greenest, most naive first-year real estate investor I’ve ever seen,” ) … YOU can too! But with less pain and suffering than WE went through.

By following in our footsteps, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel… you won’t have to make all the mistakes we made… you won’t have to continue to pour your hard earned money down the drain on untested and unproven investor “gimmicks”… you won’t have to do anything that doesn’t produce results and put cold, hard cash in your pocket.

And isn’t that what you’re after?

Good, because we’ve spent the last 7 years in hard work, research, sweat and determination developing a training program that’s sole purpose is to show you the real key to long-term real estate success… that will enable you to get on track, realize your dreams and create the kind of life and career that you’ve always wanted.

Are you committed to your own personal & professional success?

If you are that’s great. Please, keep reading. If you’re not, please refer this program to someone else who is. The information we’re about to share with you is too valuable to just throw away or dismiss as another marketing ploy designed to waste more of your time and money.

The massive, twelve-month training course we’ve created to distribute, inform, reveal and unleash this powerful inside information is now seeking out real estate investors and potential real estate investors who are truly committed to their own personal and professional success.

I’ve entitled my professional network of investors the “Coaching REI Mentorship Program”, it’s a group of people with like-minded values and goals… and it’s perfect for you if you are…

> Looking to rise above the pack and leave all your competitors in the dust.
> Looking for cutting edge technology, systems and strategies to vault you to the next level in your real estate investment program.
> Looking for consistent support, guidance, coaching & mentoring from a real estate investor that has been in your shoes before… and was able to break through all the barriers to purchase 17 Million Dollars of real estate in just 3 short years.

But before you get too excited about it, We have some requirements for who can join.

Here is the type of person I’m looking for:

1. You must be willing to follow through with instructions. We have a step-by-step system that we require everyone to use when they start with me. I show you exactly what you need to do to put deals together and make money.

2. You must have access to a phone and a voicemail or be willing to get access. You will do most of the work from your home. Having access to a computer would also be helpful.

3. You must be decisive. Making quick decisions is imperative to success in this business. If you don’t make quick decisions, your competitor will and you will lose the deal. I’m going to teach you an important phrase right now, “I’ll take it… unless I change my mind.” Learning to think like this phrase will make you rich if you follow my directions.

4. You must be willing to invest some time and some money into this business. Even though my deals are zero down, there are still a few minor investments you will need to make to build your infrastructure. If you are unwilling to invest a dime into your education, I will not be able to work with you. Please understand, you don’t need down payments or credit… you don’t need partners to loan you money. I’ll show you how to get the job done without those things.

5. You do NOT need any money for down payments on these deals. I only do “true” zero down deals.

6. I don’t care what your credit looks like. It can be terrible and it won’t make any difference to me. You will never need your credit to buy property when you work with me. As a matter of fact, if you do have credit and money, I will do my best to discourage you from using it until you know what you are doing.

7. You must be ethical and honorable in your business dealings. We approach each deal with a “servant” attitude. It is our goal to help the sellers and the buyers we work with to get out of difficult financial situations… and just like heart surgeons or other high paid professionals, we expect you to get paid *very* well for your ethical, honorable, valuable services.

8. You must be willing to share your ideas and mastermind with a group of your peers. Accept the gift of their ideas and talents and try to bring your talents and skills to them. You must not bring negativity to my group… that is POISON and We won’t allow it. We’re not saying you can’t be practical and look at the business realistically… but that’s a big difference from negativity, whining and complaining. We don’t want it in our group and we don’t want it in our lives. I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh… We don’t mean it that way… but it is something that I demand in my group.

9. Last and most importantly… you must have a burning desire to succeed. We don’t mean to sound prickly here, but if you don’t have the desire to succeed, We’re not interested in working with you. The people who I work with personally are going to take off like a rocket. If we told you how much money you can make in this business if you follow my proven system, you would not believe me… so I’m going to keep my mouth shut on that for now and let you read the student success story pages.

What You Will Learn

I am going to show you how to follow in my footsteps and copy the same process that enabled me to…

> Buy properties with no money down.
> Work only 4 days per week… and never on weekends.
> Create an endless stream of undervalued investment properties that you can purchase and sell at a profit (this secret is worth its weight in gold… and easily 20 times what you’ll invest to learn it)
> Leverage my time massively… by producing predictable systems that worked – with or without me. (What’s the point of working 16 hour days… 7 days per week… turning over a ton of property and having to do it all over again month after month?)
> Buy properties even though you have bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, charge-offs, or liens.

You Could Experience A Financial Windfall Within A Few Short Months By Using The Powerful Inside Information I Reveal To You!

Critically Important Note: The “Coaching REI Mentorship Program” is unlike anything else you may have been exposed to before because… it’s not intended to “pump you up”, “hype you up”, “motivate” or feed you full of unproven, untested, unused “seminar” junk.

Its only purpose is to get results.

Period… End of story!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this rare and unique opportunity, read on…

The “Coaching REI Mentorship Program” is different than listening to more tapes, reading more books, attending more seminars or buying into more marketing “gimmicks.” Why?

Because you have me there on a consistent, ongoing, basis to keep you on track… to keep you in line… to keep you focused… to kick you in the butt… to keep you moving in the right direction… to give you the tools that you need to be successful in your business and in your life.

The Problem With Most Training

The inherent problem with spending more of your time and much more of your money on tapes, books, seminars and investor “gimmicks” is twofold.

First off, you rarely, if ever, have access to its creator on a consistent, on-going basis. Where do you find an experienced real estate investor who will answer questions about your specific problems? Reading their books, listening to their tapes, using their ideas, saying what they say or copying their actions is never… ever… enough. It just doesn’t work. It never has and it never will.

You need more help, more advice, more structure, more motivation, more encouragement, more consistency, more information and more time to digest it all. It can’t happen with one book, one tape, one seminar, or one “marketing plan.”

We know because that’s what most of our students did before they came to me. They wasted their hard earned money (some of them as much as $60,000) on everything imaginable. From “Sel-a-thon Pitchfest” seminars to talking on the phone a few times a month with a trained telemarketer (I think they called him a “highly qualified real estate consultant”) who didn’t even own his own home… let alone ever buy real estate investments!

The second problem most training has is that the excitement and motivation of the moment eventually wear off. Have you ever felt super hyped up and motivated after reading a book, listening to a tape or attending a seminar and promised yourself that this would change your life?… Only to realize a week or a month later that you are in the same spot as you were before… depressed, off track, unmotivated, confused and desperate. Of course, we’ve all done that.

The “Coaching REI Mentorship Program” Is Different

You’ll have access to me, the person who created his own success and went from dead broke to buying 17 million dollars of real estate in the three years, as your coach, mentor and support person… which is what you can’t get from any other book, tape, seminar, coaching program or marketing “gimmick.”

Anytime you have a question, just send me an email. I’ll give you the answers you need on our next conference call. You will have Guaranteed – Monthly Phone Conference Calls with us, …..not with one of my assistants.

Other real estate gurus just want to sell you something… maybe a coaching program that rarely, if ever, involves the creator… maybe a tape series with them giving instruction (which is usually worthless in creating long term success)… but they always forget about you and making absolutely sure you succeed. In other words, they deal in products and volume… not the individual.

I’ve been asked by some, “How will you be able to fit everyone’s questions and answers into the conference calls?”

I will stay on the phone and make sure your questions are answered, even if it takes twice the time we’ve scheduled for the call. If the calls get too big, I’ll either set up more calls or I’ll raise the price of the course so that fewer people sign up. Personally, I like the idea of raising the price… I do like to make more money… that, by the way, is what I’ve done in the past when it got too big… I’ve also shut down the program to new students entirely until some of the current students graduated. All of you who have been on my mailing list for any length of time, know that my prices rarely come down… and that they have NEVER come down on my mentor program.

I am committed to making this work for you and giving you my fullest attention.

I have already worked with hundreds of coaching students (read a few of their success stories – attached). But I won’t allow it to get too big for me to personally handle. I care too much about the people I work with to let this happen… and for Pete’s sake, I’d like some time off every once in a while too!

Right now, the price is “admittedly” high, but still reasonable and there are spots available. But don’t wait too long… in the past, they have filled up quickly and the price has gone up.

What It Is And How It Works

The “Coaching REI Mentorship Program” is a massive, educational program that consists of 26 weekly emails and a huge amount of other materials and personal one-on-one support. It is a **Masters** course that will teach you how to become a Real Estate Investor PRO! It also includes my amazing “Buying Events” that I will tell you about later.

I’ve put it together a 26-week email intensive training process that takes you step-by-critical-step towards your dreams and desires. The great news is that you can expect to see great strides toward immediate profits within the first short weeks of beginning the journey… if you just follow my simple instructions.

And your successes and growth will build exponentially as you allow the entire process to be installed in your mind and your business over the twelve month period.

Here are just a few of the many strategies you’ll learn in my program:

A. Simple inexpensive ways to find motivated sellers and great real estate deals. Hit the ground running with an easy to use, step-by-step startup guide. No need to wade through a load of garbage to get to the meat of the program. Each week you will learn new techniques that you can use RIGHT AWAY! I’ll have you making offers on property the very FIRST week.

B. How to buy with zero down payment. Use the quick start guide to quickly understand and implement these zero down techniques. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is NOTHING AMBIGUOUS about this program. You don’t EVER have to guess what to do to get started…. I lay it all out for you. Step one… do this. Step two… do that. If you follow the simple instructions, you will succeed. Investing in real estate for the first time is scary for most people. You will learn how to minimize your risks and maximize your profits. No need to let fear hold you back any longer.

C. How to talk to Sellers and Investors. Simple answers to common questions. The word for word dialogs with Sellers and Investors. Using these simple dialogs, you will sound like a real estate pro in minutes. You don’t have to look like an idiot when Sellers and Investors ask you questions about the program. Here are the most common questions & answers you will hear.

D. How to negotiate to your best advantage! Remember, it’s not “What You Deserve” that matters… It’s “What You NEGOTIATE!”

E. Easily categorize potential real estate investments to see if they make sense for you. Quickly determine if a property will make money. Use this easy system to quickly determine the feasibility of a potential investment: 1.) Is it profitable. 2.) Should you sell it to an Investor? 3.) Should you keep it for yourself? 4.) Should you sell it to a potential homeowner? 5.) What type of Investor do you need? Do they really need cash? Can they have bad credit?

F. Simple, step-by-step ways to inexpensively find qualified Investors and end users to buy you properties. And you’re going to learn how to get them to call YOU and ask for your help! Investors and motivated home BUYERS are a dime a dozen if you know what they want. Learn the secrets to getting Investors to line up at your door begging you for a chance to make some money. Don’t bother asking your rich Uncle Scrooge for money – he doesn’t think you know what you’re doing and he probably won’t give it to you. Here’s a technique that will bring you 15-60 new investors in a week!

And That’s Just For Starters!

I hope you’re beginning to see the lasting and dramatic benefits that I’m offering you. Techniques like these, and hundreds more like them, will be answered in full detail for you during my twelve-month, easy-to-absorb, real estate course.

You can fully expect to have an unbelievable and truly eye-opening experience that will force you to look at your business in a new light and in a better, more profitable way. Wouldn’t you like to learn how to make a real estate investing business that grows quickly, honestly and without unnecessary risk? Great, because that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do… once you have the tools necessary.

You’ll learn how to out-market, out-perform, out-sell, out-think and outmaneuver your competitors in every way imaginable.